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About Gail Lionetti

Gail Lionetti was born in Jersey City, NJ and for more than 40 years Gail has been able to communicate with the Souls who have crossed over. Since the age of 6 Gail was aware that she had a gift, with which she was able to see and talk to the spirit world. Gail has written a book Survival on a Wing and a Prayer, where she shares her story of a tortuous childhood and adult life filled with pain and disappointments and sharing her 2 near death experiences.

Gail has a keen relationship with the departed and brings comfort and peace to grieving families.  Gail has chosen to give her life to helping give messages of Love and Hope to and from the spirit world. Gail is brought here on earth to help God with his mission. She has talked to thousands of souls, passing on messages of Love & Forgiveness to their loved ones on earth. “We all have the ability to communicate with our loved ones who have crossed over” Gail says. “We just have to fine tune into the vibrations of the spirit world and with practice and meditation with a skilled teacher, the gifts of the souls will be heard”.

Gail founded the group Spiritual Outreach Support, in which she teaches how to find Higher and Self Guidance and tries to help through meditation prayer, guided group discussions and a mutual respect for each individuals beliefs of their own spirituality.

Gail began her professional career as a Spiritual Advisor in 1980, she is a Licensed Private Investigator and has worked with Police departments throughout the country and abroad, along with Missing & Exploited children. Her cases run an accuracy of 95%. Gail is dedicated to the missing children and gives comfort to the grieving parents.

She also works with bereaved parents and charitable organizations where she donates monies to those charities. Her talents and abilities in conjunction with her compassion for helping others has won her awards and recognition as a leader in her craft.