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Understanding The Spirit World

I have been blessed in over 30 years of working professionally with the spirit world. As a medium, the percentage of those who walk away from a session happy is 98 percent.

There will be at times a few appointments where nothing the spirit world says that will make any sense, and their loved one feels let down. Sometimes people come with expectations of wanting to hear certain things I have no control of who comes through or what they may want to say. And if a person comes with blocking, because they want something so bad that will not help me get a strong connection to the spirit. You must come with an open mind and be ready to receive what they want to give. No matter what I do or say, I have come to the understand from the spirit world I cannot make the spirits say what the loved who sits in front of me wants to hear.

The spirits wants to help us, they will give us some information but not all, for example I have on occasion spoke to my deceased father and asked him for some help, he gave me some answers but not all. I was disappointed but he also told me “if I gave you all the answers you would never learn the lesson involved” I accepted that. Our loved ones know of our struggles, and how we over come them, it is our test here on earth.

If you decide to have session with a good medium, think why you want to go, think about your motivation, and understand the spirits have their own mind and way of helping. They see what you go through and know our happy and sad times.

Examine your own expectations, if you are looking for them to tell you what YOU want to hear, then I suggest do not go for a session. The only thing you should remember is that your loved ones work hard to bring you comfort and hope.