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Gail’s Enlightening Near Death Experience

While undergoing a surgical procedure in 1981 Gail experienced a life-changing event. As Gail was recovering from anesthesia complications occurred. She could hear the nurses trying to revive her. The doctor calling a code. Suddenly she felt tranquil, serene and so at peace.

Finding herself surrounded by all the loved one’s that had crossed over, even her beloved pets. It seamed that she was being drawn to a room to the left. Upon entering the room a presence was felt as if she was standing beside God. Suddenly images of her past flashed before her eyes. She had noticed that the images appeared to still pause at events in her young life where she had not been so kind to fellow students. The events had shown both physical and material damages. Life experiences continued to pass before her. However, the two images of where she had hurt people in the past continued to appear. She knew that she was to learn a lesson from them but did not understand.

Suddenly a strong voice told her that she needed to “go back”. As she opened her eyes it seemed like the surgery had just ended and she had expected to wake up in the recovery room. However, the faces and surroundings indicated something different. When she asked what happened to her surprise they had told her she was in a coma for 3 days.

After her discharge from the hospital the true lesson was revealed. While watching a TV program Gail’s eyes were opened on how what she had done in the past really effected people’s lives. Gail was so moved that it brought tears to her eyes as she cried out “God now I understand what you were trying to show me.” By showing her what she had done to others it also help to open her repressed feelings. Once Gail worked through the entire events she understood that she needed to allow forgiveness and compassion into her heart. Not only for what she had done to others but what others had done to her.

Gail’s personal growth has leaded her to a greater understanding of people’s feelings and emotional well being. By sharing her gift, she has become a beacon to many people. She has impacted so many people who will never feel the same after talking to their loved ones who crossed over. As Gail always says “Your loved one is never far away just look for the signs”.