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Gail's Book is Now Available!
What caused a little girl who played with dolls to become the biggest bully in high school, fighting and beating up other kids? ....and what caused that same woman, as an adult officer in a tough corrections facility, to become a private investigator, devoted to using her psychic gifts to serve God?
This is the true story of Gail Lionetti, well-known private investigator on the east coast who, after 2 neardeath experiences, now helps police solve crimes and find missing children. From her tortuous childhood and adult life filled with pain and disappointment Gail finds strength inside herself to keep going…discovering her spiritual path as well as the purpose in her life.
Janet Cunningham, Ph.D. is an internationally-known specialist in regression therapy and author of 8 books. She is president of Heritage Authors®. Dr. Cunningham brings over 20 years of expertise with the unconscious mind and experience in consciousness research to Gail’s story.
$19.95 plus $4.05 shipping and handling = $24.00
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Now Available!

As you know all my Spiritual Dinner Events are taped in DVD and Video. At the request of so many people who wish to view their unique experience you may now do so in your own home.

I am now able to make them available for you at the purchase price of $10.00, and if you are ordering more than one tape, each additional tape will cost $7.00. These prices include shipping and handling.

*Please specify the event dates along with requesting a Tape or DVD you would like to recieve, this also includes past dates.


Gail Lionetti


You can click on the link below to view
all dates available.

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*METHOD OF PAYMENT: Payment is by check or money order made out to Gail Lionetti. Please send payment to:

Gail Lionetti
44 Liberty Pl
West Keansburg, NJ 07734

*Please allow 30 days for shipment.

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