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Predictions for 2013
dated: December 15, 2012

I want to post these visions up that I have been getting and being guided with thoughts. As you read them, remember the thoughts and not create or allow any fear to set in.  We are living in a sad world with a lot of anger, ENTITLEMENT, changes, many changes.

I have been asked by many not to hold back with what I see coming, so again what I post do not allow fear to set in. I kept posting to be Prepared this year, some I guess did not understand, we went through a lot this year, including Hurricane Sandy where so much destruction took place, loss of lives, homes, power outages out for days and weeks, and some are still without. People became angry, rightfully so at times. BUT if you still were able to breath then you have LIFE, material things can always be replaced, LIFE can not.  We still need to be PREPARED in the next year coming and moving forward.

There is a plan set in place that we need to learn from, what I have observed is that still many people have not learned from these experiences, we sat and watched on TV Katrina hit in Louisiana, we felt bad for those people but never knew the impact they sustained, now we do. We sometimes have to go through experiences we may not like but it is all a learning lesson. WILL WE EVER LEARN?

We come together in times of need and then forget the purpose of that need. We move on, and what is mind boggling to me is that we go through tragedies and within a few days move on, BUT, what have we learned from it all.

On December 14 2012 we had a terrible tragedy in Newton, Conn
Poor innocent children and adults massacred for what reason, GOD had a plan. Now I know you are saying “is she kidding me, to take children, innocent children?” yes we all have a purpose here on earth and as I look at it they all served their purpose and then left with their teacher, how comforting to me that is. She took them in her arms and raised them with her to Heaven. I know you will not comprehend this evil act, but they have more work to do on the other side, they will be helping us get through what is to come. As it was once told to me Children we bring into this world are not ours but God’s children, they do not come with an instruction book but we as a parent do the best we can to teach them and when our work is done, we set them free to go on their own Journey. (adulthood) we must not interfere with their Journey. So God felt in the short time these babies, as I see them, did their job and had to go home. Whatever purpose they served, bringing joy, laughter, etc. they did. So I ask again what did WE learn from this. LIFE IS PRECIOUS. While we are here on earth, we need to embrace the love and forgive, move on so many families torn apart for so many reasons, including mine, but I always tell people I love my children, but I am not interfering with their Journey.

So as life goes on so do we, we have to be resilient, stay strong, we have gone through so much but we stand tall.

We hear the world is coming to an end on December 21, 2012
Not true.
The Gregorian calendar, which we use today, moves through the zodiac….12 months of passing time in one year.

Time also passes through Ages…each age lasting about 2,300 years in each of the 12 signs of the zodiac…. From the age of Taurus….to the Age of Aries… to the Age of Pisces…we are now leaving the Age of Pisces ushering in the Age of Aquarius…

In addition, time passes through a World Age, one complete cycle of precession, requiring 26,000 years. We are currently living in such a time of global transformation. The Age of Aquarius is noted to be associated with Electricity, computers, democracy, freedom, humanitarianism, perseverance, what does that tell me in a world of computers, electricity ( what did we do without them during the Hurricane?) we will become more advanced than ever. What will we come up with next? For us old folk, remember when we had to use a pay phone? A typewriter? Now we have cell phones with navigation systems so our government can watch every move we make and computers that to me we are chipped to. All our info is on those computers.

Democracy what is the meaning of that word? A form of Government in which all citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives,  hummmm  are we finally going to be heard that we had enough!

FREEDOM, we give that away to the wrong people, lets hope we as Americans get it back for the AMERICANS.

HUMANITARIANISM  that’s a long word  lol means a ethic of kindness and sympathy extended universally and impartially to ALL human beings. We lost that Kindness and Love, yes we should be sympatric we need to help one another and not expect anything back.

Perseverance, A PURPOSE a course of action, in spite of difficulties or discouragement.   

So you see put it all together and we have THE AGE OF AQUARIUS  ( is it making sense to you now, see what changes will bring, NOT AN END BUT A NEW BEGINNING.

In December of 2012 we will end one year. We will end the Piscean Age after 2,300 years and we will end a World Age of 26.000 years. A huge change for humanity.  ( JC)

So we will be going through a lot of endings and NEW beginnings.
That is why I say do not fear what is to come it is a YIN YANG of balance we need to move forward.

So here we are with what I see:

The Duchess Kate Middleton will have a baby Girl, I thought I posted the pregnancy last year when shown but did announce it in January on my radio show.

Global Transformation, major earthquakes all over the world. Global Catastrophic, severe storms, tornados, tsunamis. World will become broken. Volcanic eruptions all over spilling ash into the air TOXINS we breath.  ( while I am saying this, Hurricane Sandy will be like another 911, we will and already have mold spores in the air, a lot of people you will hear coughing, not the flu, illnesses will come from this and those will lose lives in the nest few years from Sandy) We did not have to be surrounded by our own homes, so much mold creating like a disease. Attack the immune systems.

Water will continue to be very toxic, after what I experienced in the waters from the Hurricane I now understand why it was told to me last year, we still have to be careful of the waters we drink.

California, Maryland, Florida and Pennsylvania must be on alert at schools, more shootings and bombs.

Breakthroughs and advances in blood diseases, Immune systems, bolstered as a defense against various cancers.
( now I know I mentioned the mold and how it will affect us, it will get into the blood streams, lungs etc, BUT in time there will be a breakthrough to help us.)
Unemployment stays high until 2014 ( I hope I am wrong with that, but I do feel there will be jobs out there, we as a human want a big salary, but forget about those days for now, just find a job until things break)

Cyber attacks (that is why I refuse to do any banking on line, time will show this will cripple us) Fiber Optics being attacked, we may not think that is important to us but it certainly is.

Sad to say but more shootings in schools, malls and subways, I was shown massacres in subways was told Moving Targets.
What we have to be concerned about is that it creates a Copy Cat effect we will see more of this, it already started.

GOOD NEWS ( for some) our Governor Christie will win Presidency in the next 4 years, as we all know him to give off the Bully affect he will turn this country around, BUT I also give credit to Obama who of those who do not like him, in his next 4 remaining years will show us the CHANGE he promised us sit tight, then Christie comes in and Kicks Ass and the world will become the start of a better place. IT IS ALL IN THE PLAN. 

Financial markets will stabilize 2 years, more homes selling jobs back.
As I mentioned for 2012 children who are born to this earth are highly advanced and old souls and they will continue to come in.

I hate to say it but more mammals washing up to shore, fish included.
We will continue to begin starting our own gardens I do not believe in stores that say they carry ORGANIC, you are paying for the name but are being fooled.

I also mentioned last year family values will come back, and if it takes more crazy people out there to take lives then maybe we will open our eyes and truly realize how important it is to have family surrounding us; I say sometimes our family is not our true bloodline, but those who surround us like family that are.

I will end at this note, I will post up from this year what actually took place giving dates of when things did happen, as I remind everyone NO Psychic ( I do not like that word  lol)  Reader as I call it, is ever 100 percent right, we are not God, but God does show most of us what is going to take place, I always say watch what you ask for. 

I can not emphasize it enough PRAY for world peace, and send the WHITE LIGHT to the UNIVERSE with POSITIVE thoughts.

Send the LIGHT to the waters
Take responsibility for what you think and say and what you do,
PRAY PRAY PRAY, prayers are needed.  BE PREPARED, this is just the beginning of the cleansing

God Bless you all     Love & Light
Predictions for 2012

Obama will get in another term

More children born to this earth highly advanced to change the world to come, many will be aggressive. (poor parents that have to deal with them LOL)

Children who were born with Autism will be awakened and will speak and teach us even more. This will start in 2012 and progress in the near future.

Major earthquakes in Egypt, Israel, and throughout the US
Fighting in these countries will escalate

Mudslides killing many of the population, mass flooding continues all over

Medicines will become Holistic putting pharmaceutical companies at a stand still. This will to show itself in time.

Animals and humans choosing to leave the earth continued. Those of the ages 40 to 60, older persons staying longer

Do not invest hold onto your money, monies will be scarce. Financial Institutions will fall again, many losses to be had.

Waters are very tainted do not eat a lot of fish toxins in the water for a few years to come. Toxins will be found in our home waters creating a lot of Cancer (to me it is already there)
We will be paying a high price for water in the future, including bottle water.

Mammals washing (Dolphins, Seals) up to shore, whales dying off, Manatees in Florida becoming extinct, and more and more sharks coming many shark attacks.

We will smell the flowers once again, have you smelled any flowers in the last few years?

We will become farmers and grow our own things once again.

Religions will also be changed to one religion, I have shared with some friends and they didn’t like what I saw. This will take place over time, but will start in 2012

We are already computer chipped by our Drivers License, Cell Phones, Traffic Lights, Computers, Big Brother has already invaded our minds and life. We will see more to come.

Many suicides will take place

In the near future children with Diabetes will be cured.

Trees will be falling down and killing people, the earth is shifting and taking away to bring in the new.

The young adults of today will have no social skills, for they rely on text messaging and that will create hardships on them in the near future.

Once Pharmaceuticals are taken away a cure for Cancer will arise, this will come in 6 to 10 years if not sooner.

Family values will come back, where we can spend more time with each other. As time moves on.

In time marriages will be no longer, more and more people will just live together.

Weather patterns are changing I feel we will have a mild winter, but at times very cold, some snow but not like last year. ( I hope I am right, I brought my snow blower up from NC maybe that is a good thing now it won’t snow LOL) next summer hurricanes and severe weather.

I ask all of you who took the time to read this to say a prayer for World Peace and send the White light to the Mother Earth (Universe) and waters around the world. Pray for the waters to be clear again.

Prayers are needed, God Bless you all