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Dated December 10, 2013

As I had mentioned last year many mammals would wash up to shore and Dolphins washed up January 23 2013 in Brooklyn, NY and then 160 washed up in March in the New England states, once again on the East coast from Florida to the New England states, in July and August most along Long Branch to Long Beach Island. There were some pilot whales as well. they say they had some type of Virus, well with what is happening in our waters today that could be possible, there is so much toxins in our waters it is scary. On October 17,2013 a rare saber tooth whale washes up in Venice Beach Ca. June 13 2013 another whale washes up in Maryland there were more as well throughout the country and from other countries I read about as well.

As I always say and it is here on my website we readers are not always 100% correct I mentioned that the royal baby would be a girl and in fact it was a boy. I still see a girl so that may be coming.

Mentioned many earthquakes, severe storms, tornados and we will still hear about tsunamis’, well as you saw this year the Midwest got hit hard by tornados, floods and we saw many fires throughout the US. It is what I called Global Transformation.  

We had some more school lock downs with possible shootings (not sure if they used guns) but it did hit the malls, shootings at malls. I mentioned moving targets and we had the bombing in Boston at the marathon, runners, moving targets.

We have right now going on magnetic poles shifting. The coast lines are going to see more and more water rising. So with this shifting brings global disasters. Severe weather patterns on the rise.  Many of global population will die and a lot will be younger, young adults, along with many more suicides, I do not like putting negatives up but it is true.

Chemicals are being released into the air many more cancers and sickness will come from this. Viruses being created, biological. I do not take flu nor pneumonia shots. They seem to make you believe it will help you but I see it killing people in the long run. Again not trying to scare anyone, I am just telling you what I know, it is truly up to you to do what you feel is best for you and your family. Those who get the shots will get the flu and those who do not will escape the flu.


Many job loses, places closing up. I keep emphasizing hold onto your monies.  Planes dropping out of the skies ( some have already and more to come all over)  Greed will continue, people still feel entitled. In this year of 2013 I see that truly a lot of people have not learned the lessons, I ask myself what is it going to take to do so. Families should be important and yet all this year of doing readings so many distraught from fighting over monies left behind loved ones, did you forget about the loved one you just lost? 

We may be forced to be micro chipped, we already are through the electronics we use, I have always said babies are being micro chipped and parents do not know it.  

I will end on this note once again WE OWN THE POWER, LETS USE IT IN A POSITIVE WAY.

I can not emphasize enough PRAY for world peace, send white light to the UNIVERSE with POSITIVE thoughts.
And remember I will continue to say it no reader is 100% correct only GOD has the answers, and what HE gives to us, and I say watch what you ask for.

Take responsibility for what you think and say and what you do.

PRAY PRAY PRAY, prayers are needed, BE PREPARED, the cleansing will continue

God Bless you all  Love & Light