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Nellanne Hess Bayville, NJ

Gail has truly changed my life and the way i think about living and dying. i was stressed over my current job and had started looking for a new one which i found. when i had given my present employer my resignation, they had offered me a promise of another job title. however, my new job was everything i wanted, but the salary and benefits were better at my present job. i was really torn and did not know what i should do. in speaking with gail, she stated her guides were telling her for me to stay at my current job. after much thinking, i decided to stay with my current employer. i am happy to say, 2 weeks later a job was offered to me beyond my wildest expectations. thank you Gail!

Beth and family Freehold, NJ

Dear Gail,

I just wanted to write and let you know how lucky we feel to have met you and gotten to know you. When we first went to one of your shows, over a year ago at least, we were not sure what to expect. I think the first show we went one of our pet birds came through. I believe he was dressed in a Tuxedo. Why? The world may never know, LOL.

I bought tickets to your next show in the hope that you could help me make peace with my parents who had passed over. Both of which were alcoholics. Our mother was physically and mentally abusive to us all. I too came from a troubled childhood and couldn’t understand why some things happened and why a blind eye was turned by other adults as to what was happening right in front of them.

You came out and started your introduction, but were interrupted by my mother. When you asked who was Mary and looked in my direction, I knew it was her. She was a very demanding person in life. She told you that she was very grateful to my husband for taking such good care of me. She said she wasn’t sure at first; he was on the wild side. His Grandmother always told me she didn’t know what would have happened to him if he had not met me. I guess I helped him calm down. The sun rose and set on my husband in my Mothers eyes and my Dad loved him a lot too. I think they knew he was there to support me when I needed it and as I believe I was there for him. You then told me my Father was standing behind my husband with his hand on his shoulder saying “He is a good man”. Both of them were glad I had him as my husband, and were proud of him. I knew this to be true from when they were still with us. Then you asked if I had anything to say to my Father? I was so over come with emotio ns that all I could choke out through my sobs was that “I loved him and missed him”. You then said he asked you to tell me to talk to him. I couldn’t at the time, but I took it that I could talk to him at anytime and he would hear me. This I have done.

My father’s death was a turning point in my life and my sisters. On the day I decided to tell my husband that I wanted to quit my job of over 10 years to take care of my father, he was dieing of cancer, I received a phone call from him. He told me that he was going to ask my younger sister and her husband to move in with him, because she did not work. Of course she took him to a lawyer and got herself protected for life. Ha-Ha.

I’m sure he didn’t realize how much she would take advantage of the rest of the family.

As a result of this and other things I went through, I ended up having deep emotional problems. I went through many years of turmoil and health problems as a result of my mental unstableness. After years of therapy and medications, I ended up in a mental hospital for Electro Convulsive (shock) Therapy treatments. This by far was the worst thing that I had ever been through. My husband was the first at the door and the last to leave EVERY day I was there. The other patients commented on how lucky I was to have such a devoted and loving husband. I couldn’t have found a better man if I had special ordered him from God himself. He took me back and forth 2 times a week for several months. Most of these rides I couldn’t remember, because of the condition ECT treatments left me in.

I was molested by a friend of the family, around the age of 12, while MUCH worse was done to my sisters by the same man. When this happened to me, I know of at least 5 adults who knew about it minutes after it happened. One woman knew it was happening or was about to, but didn’t call the police. I wonder if she knows how many young girls lives she may have had the chance to change for the better. I felt so dirty!!!!! He turned to several men in the bar, and said something I couldn’t hear. They all turned as one and looked at me with such a look I knew right away that they knew he had done something terrible to me. I didn’t know what happened to my other sisters until 20 years later. At this point I remembered some things that happened that I unknowingly played a part in at the time. I felt such guilt as a result of answering a question my father asked about my sister. Because of my answer my sister had to go to go in front of the grand jury by herself. She was only 13 at the time this tragedy happened. As a result her life was changed forever. She took self defense classes and progressed to the point of competing all over the world. She also wanted to become a police officer as a result of what happened to her. When she was interviewed by the state police in order to enroll in the academy, they asked her all kinds of difficult questions. Some of which pertained to how she would react if she ever encountered a child molester or rapist. They felt that her emotions would be too hard for her to keep in check if she encountered a similar situation. That was a HUGE let down for her because she wanted to devote her life into protecting people from violent crimes.

By watching the reactions of the other people that attended your shows and how much you helped me and other people I loved, I came to know that you truly had a special knack (because you don’t think it is a gift at times) of enlightening the people around you, to the promise of greater things after death. You are amazing and a very special person to be able to put so much personal hurt aside and help others find peace with their emotions and within their hearts. I can’t tell you how much you have helped me and my family. My oldest son has also found what a special person you are and is very grateful to you for helping him to cope with the sudden loss of one of his dearest friends. He has lost 3 friends before the age of 18. He now knows that they are watching over him and are in a better place and are happy.

I can’t tell you how much you mean to us all and how much we love you. I am sitting here crying writing this letter; you have touched our lives so greatly. I know you are very busy, but the kids have been nagging me to get you over here for dinner again. So when you can find the time, please let us know. Chris and Rich are both usually home on Tuesday nights if that is a good night for you.

God bless you Gail. He has blessed so many of us with you!!!!! Your book is proof of this fact even though you may have written it with a different porpoise.

Margaret (Peggy) Lundrigan, Middletown, NJ

Dear Gail,

I want to thank you for a wonderful reading and say it was great to meet you, Stinky and Angel. As I shared I have never felt so connected to Bill so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sharon Casella, Nutley, NJ

You told me at my reading that my dog REX was going to have a bacteria in his intestine. The vet just prescribed antibiotic for guess what? his intestines. You are simply amazing. Everyone I talk to can't believe it. God Bless You. You saved my dogs life. I can't thank you enough!

Louise Feuerstack Hewitt, NJ

Hi Gail

I had a reading with you last Tuesday, remember my fresh "friend" came through? Well just wanted to tell you about my plumbing problems that you accuratly predicted [is that the right word?] Woke up to a leak under the sink, as you said I would and I just sat back and laughed. Now if only the scratch off winnings will happen!! Only won $5 , hope that's not it, I'll try a little longer, without breaking the bank of course.

Thanks again for a great reading, will definitly be back in a few months to a year.

Joananne Howell, NJ

My first encounter with Gail was a mass source of comfort and joy. I met with her yesterday and have given her name, number and copy of the flyer to 9 people!

Heather Cendali - Brooklyn NY

Hey Gail,

Once again I am writing to let you know how wonderful you are, and to confirm yet another thing you had told me. I have been meaning to tell you since I saw you back in August. During the reading you had told me that you saw a ring. I laughed because I wasn't engaged at that time. After the reading I told Ed that you had seen a ring, and he dismissed it very quickly, you know how guys come that October we got engaged, and the first thing that popped into my mind was what you had said. So I asked him about it and he had told me that right before we came to see you in August he had just ordered the ring, and when I had said that to him then he was in shock, that's why he dismissed it. He couldn't believe that you knew that, amongst other things. I thought that was pretty funny and I just wanted to share.Thanks again for everything! You are the BEST!


Hi Gail,

My name is Marie Frisone. I just had an appointment with you yesterday morning. I wanted to say Thank You again. It was a very good experience. I also noticed that when I played the Tape back that I noticed a heart beat sound very distinctly throughout parts of the tape. Im pretty sure I wasn't hearing things but then again you never know. I just figured I would run it by you and see if that made any sense to you at all? or if this was at all common? Just was curious.

Thanks Again

Kimberly Intrabartolo

Hi Gail

And... you were right, a month and a half exactly... i just took 2 tests yesterday and i'm pregnant!! i have to go the doctor's for the official test, but we r very excited!!! hope you have a great holiday! take care of yourself!!

Sharon Casella - Nutley, NJ

Dear Gail,

I have been meaning to write to you sooner but haven't had the chance. I must tell you what happened at your last dinner held on Friday, January 20, 2006. It starts off where I lost my Mom in December of 2003. Her name was Theresa but everyone called her Terry. Anyway at your dinner you had called out Theresa or Terry (Bingo! names exactly) anyway I raised my hand and I was sitting with my sister who lives in Howell, NJ (I live in Nutley, NJ). You came over to the table and asked if anyone of us go to the racetrack. I said no but used to go on occasion with my brother-in-law. You asked if we lived near a racetrack and I said yes, I live near the Meadowlands and my sister lives near Freehold. Than I proceeded to tell you that when my mother was alive and when I did go to the racetrack that she would always give me a horse to bet. (They never really won). Than you had said "Who is Sharon" Oh my God, I bout fell off my chair. That's my name. You told me that my mother wanted to give me a horse to play. She told you to give me the 4 horse in the 8th race. That's all she told you and you said it was for me only. So needless to say, the next morning which was a Saturday I asked my husband to take me to the Meadowlands. He looked at me as if to say "Your crazy". My husband is the biggest skeptic around. Anyway, he took me and all the way there he kept saying "I can't believe your doing this" There is no way the horse will win. On my way to the racetrack I asked my husband if I could also bet Freehold (because my sister lives near there). Knowing my mother she could of meant Freehold. So I ended up betting on the Meadowlands horse and the Freehold horse figuring one of them might win. My husband just couldn't wait for them to lose so he could tell me how naive I am. We bought a newspaper on the way there and the 4 horse ended up being a favorite and so was the 4 horse at Freehold. I thought that was strange that both were favorites. But I did n't care that they were favorites because even if they were longshots I would have bet them anyway. I felt a need to listen to my mother. I felt she was leading me through this whole thing. Anyway we get to the Meadowlands early. Even before the cashiers opened the windows. As soon as they opened I bet on both horses. We left. That night I checked online to see if the Freehold horse had one. The horse in Meadowlands was not scheduled to race until later that evening. Anyway Freehold WON! My husband couldn't believe it, I was jumping around like a crazy woman. At this point we didn't think that Meadowlands would win. What are the chances of that happening????? Well, I fell asleep and woke up about 6:00 in the morning. I had to go right to the computer and go online to check the Meadowlands horse and what do you think? IT TOO, HAD WON. Well, when I tell you my husband sat there with his mouth open. What are the chances of that happening? I won $200.00 because they were both favorites. I played $100.00 to win and $50.00 to show on both horses. We went back on Sunday and picked up $500.00. I believe the point of this was to prove to me only that my mother was there. I still can't believe that happened to me and even my husband was telling all of his friends. He said to me if he didn't witness the whole thing he would never have believed it. Till this day he can't figure it out. Oh well, don't ask questions. I believe everything truly DOES happen for a reason. I just want to thank you! You have given me such an inner peace that I can't explain. You truly are amazing. May God Bless You!

Vito - Middletown, NJ

Gail, that was excellent. Thank you so much for the ticket, i really had a wonderful experience. I think you were AMAZING, i truly mean that. and i know how stressful it is for you, and how much it takes out of you, but you truly have a gift, and you help so many people.

I'm sorry I didnt stick around to chat afterward, but you were busy signing books and I'm sure you were exhausted...i didnt want to interrupt. Rest up, and i hope to see you least before i leave, even though I know you will be busy with promoting the book. Good luck with that, and I cant wait to read it.

I have a little prediction for you...remember how you were nervous and resisting some possible fame?? Well its coming, I can feel it. And you are going to help so many more people than you ever dreamed...this book will connect with people, and help so many.

Anyway, once again thank you for this evening and i will chat with you soon.

Dianne - East Brunswick, NJ

Hi Gail

Just wanted to say that your seminar was amazing. It was the first seminar of yours that I attended and it was really good. You really had a nice crowd too.

The information you were getting was unbelievable. I know that you comforted so many people last night. The Sheraton is a wonderful hotel. The food, the service and the atmosphere is so nice. I'm so glad my daughter chose that hotel for her wedding. Her reception is not there but we are all staying there that night.

I know you'll be busy today in Union Beach (I think that's what you said) so I hope all goes well there. How nice it is for you to have friends to come all this way to help you out. You are truly gifted, Gail, and I am so glad that I met you.

Good luck today.

Ceil - Brooklyn, NY

Hi Gail,

Hope you made it home safely today. I just want to Thank you for thinking of me and going out of your way to bring me that very special gift. I had thought you might have lost some confidence in me considering my recent actions, but you are truly a wonderful person. Although you feel the tension in me, once again your presence has left me with a peaceful feeling. Thank you. I will forever treasure that stone and hold it close to my heart. I look forward to completing your book and seeing you in the future again.

God Bless you in your many ventures, journeys and helping so many people.

Soon we will set up an appointment for Audrey to sit with you, as I feel she really needs it.

Diana - Lawrenceville, NJ

Thank you for this wonderful letter of gratitude. I thank you, Gail, for the many blessings and healing messages you have brought to my family and friends this past year. Thank you also for the opportunity to work in a healing way with Steve. Geoffrey and I both learned from that experience things that are helping others. Congratulations on completing your book. I look forward to seeing you in the New Year. Wishing you heart and healing in all things.

Patty - New Jersey


Thank you for the email. I wanted to wish you a very Happy Holiday season, and a very happy, healthy New Year to you and yours. May you finally get to meet your grandson this year! I came to you for a reading in March of 2005. That reading had a tremendous impact on me. You gave me a lot to think about.....much of what you said was true! But you also helped me get through a very difficult period. Just knowing that my parents are near and are happy together makes everything alright!

I want to wish you a very happy and health New Year for 2006!

Joyce Holmdel, NJ

Hello Gail,

Your letter was very inspiring! You are such a wonderful caring person. I am thankful for the privilege of knowing you. Thank you for being a special part of my life.

Bountiful blessings.

Colleen - East Brunswick, NJ

Hi Gail

   I'm sorry it took this long to get back to you, it's been hectic here!!!  I want to thank you again for the reading, you were amazing!!!  Remeber what you said about my dad and the dimes?  I've been finding dimes all over the place!!! LOL  I cleared off the entire dining room table last night to wrap some Christmas gifts and as I was wrapping the gifts and went to pick up a roll of paper, I found 3 dimes!!!  I said thanks dad, nest time can you make them quarters LOL LOL.  I told my daughter Kelly about it all and that he said she was gifted and she needed to tap into her gift.  She was rather shocked at that but not so shocked when I told her that her grandfather often was in her room.  She said she's alway's felt like she's being watched but she's not afraid.  I told her there was no reason to be afraid, that her grandfather was a good man


Hi Gail

I had dinner with my sister, Joanne, tonight. You mentioned a "Bill" at my reading and said that he'll have heart problems and that to make sure he goes to a doctor but he'll be ok. I didn't plan on telling my sister just in case it wasn't her Bill because I knew that would get her upset. Well, she told me today that her husband has been having a problem with his heart. He did go to the doctor and is being tested. Wow!!!! She told me that she was thinking recently of going to a medium/psychic and I told her about you and, since she told me about her husband and his heart, that you did mention that.

Anyway she is e-mailing you to set up an appointment. I told her that you are very busy though.

Gail, I am waiting patiently for your book!!!!!

Hope all is well with you, take care.

Carol - Colts Neck, NJ

When I returned to work a little stuff bear that George Andersen gave to me from Alicia was laying on my desk.  It sits above on a shelf and has never fallen off.  What a sign!!!  I couldn't believe my eyes!

Also contacted Jim and he went for his walk today and lost his balance and called his doctor.  I told him what Alicia said and he was interested and said that it is in the works.  There are bangs all around me right now.

Also Luz informed me at lunch Luis was a good friend of hers who drowned in the ocean at 19.  I was hoping he would come through for her and it looks like he did, but at the time Luz couldn't think clearly.  She is so happy and told me about her brother and all the relatives that came through in Spanish.  She is overwhelmed!  Thanks for a great and wonderful time!  Your the best!

Heather Cendali - Brooklyn, NY

I just wanted to say thank you again for the reading. I couldn't have asked for anything better. I am very much at peace right now and I have you to thank for it. I am so happy that I got to speak with my father, and I feel so overjoyed because so many things have been running through my mind since he had passed, and a lot of my questions have been answered :) I am at ease now. Thank You so much again for having us in your home and sharing your wonderful gift with us, as well as your own experiences. May God Bless you, for the wonderful person that you are and all the good that you do for others. I have a feeling that you are going to get a lot of calls from my friends, sorry to keep you so busy :) And I know Ed and I will be back to see you again. I am going to try to work on my relationship with my mother, because I DO NOT WANT TO GO THROUGH THIS AGAIN FOR THE THIRD TIME! :) Thank you for opening my eyes. I really cannot thank you enough. I will be in touch!

P.S.- I went home and listened to the tape, and halfway through it, guess what I heard? Heartbeats :) AMAZING! I also heard some frequency on the tape, I don't know what that was about, but I know it can't be a bad thing!

Connie - Holmdel, NJ

    I'm not great with words, but the one thing that sticks out in my mind is the fact that you really care about the people and I feel that anyone that came to you for a reading would agree.  Even when you talk to me about people you have dealings with, I could see how much you care about what happens to them and that isn't a common trait.  I hope you can use that because it is so true.  Good luck, but then again I always felt you would do just fine.

Janet - Pennington, NJ

Thanks, Gail. As you know, I was heading to Boston after I left your house to pick up my granddaughter (the gifted one). We went to a toy store and she was picking out a few things. One of them was yellow butterfly wings that she can wear. You had just told me that when yellow butterflies flutter around her, that my mother was watching over her. I had such a big smile. Many thanks for your reading. I listened to the tape on my return home today.

John Jennings - Colonia, NJ

if i were a young man,what would i do,
i'd search the would for someone like you.
i believe we met some 10yrs or more,
even then trying to help the poor.
whether sick,tired or broke,
you're always there to give them hope.
makes no difference who you find,
you're willing to extend to them you time.
always giving,no matter the stakes,
mortgage the house if that's what it takes.
been taken advantage of is true,
didn't stop you from helping no matter who.
full of love with arms extending,
while you'll alive there is no ending.
so keep giving your love as you always do,
knowing one day,life will repay you.

Kim - Palm, Pa

I needed to send this email to Thank you for what you've taught me.  Ashes crossed over this morning.  I cry alot of tears, but they are for me, not him.  I know he's in a better place, but my heart still hurts.  I miss him!  I prayed yesterday and last night for the Angels to help him.  He was uncomfortable, hard for him to breathe.  I wanted him to stop suffering.  So I told him I loved him and that it was ok to let go.  When I got up this morning he had crossed over.  No more pain for him.  I am happy for him, sad for me.  Please ask Gram to take of him for me.  I did!  Thanks for all you have taught me.

Skip O'Brien - Los Angeles, Ca.

The day after you mentioned the blue toothbrush, I found one in my bedroom. It was new, and still in the package; hmm I said. I mentioned it to my wife, who said it was hers she purchased it on vacation, but that evening found the one she thought that she had originally packed therefore she never opened the new one. OK I thought, no biggie just a coindicence. The next day, I found a blue toothbrush in my car, I always keep a toothbrush there incase I need one while on the road. (An audition after a lunch with burger and onions?) Again, just a coincidence because I already owned that one, I just fogot about it. Well, the following day while doing something in the garage, I found a packaged of two new toothbrushes, sitting neatly on top of some things, of the two the cloest one to me was blue. Another coincidence? Maybe, maybe not, but just in case please mention to my father that I have enough toothbrushes already. LOL.

Maureen - Union Beach, NJ

Dear Gail,
Thank you for the visit the other day, I thank you for inviting me into your home.  You could have just took the present my sister made for you and I could have went on my way.  I truly enjoyed our conversation and felt in my spirit that I knew you and recognized you from the past, although I just can\'t remember when.  Your words lifted my heart and spirit and I know that this 1st Christmas will not be without Nicholas, he will be here in spirit to celebrate with his family.

May God Bless You.  You will be in my prayers daily that your children and grandchild will visit you this coming year and realize the love you have for all o them.

That was the note sent to you in the Christmas Card.  I just want to thank you and let you know that you have helped me get through a difficult Christmas Season.

I will see you at the Sheraton on March 11th.  Antionette and I have a full table.

Thank You again

I am so grateful.

Vinny – Boca Raton, FL

That is too much. As I was on the phone with my mother this morning and I was reading part of your email to her she remembered that my grandfather used to smoke cigars. She also told me he had a friend Nick. She reminded me that my niece is dating a guy, his name is Rob. Oh by the way my grandfather died of a heart attack, could that have been who you saw last night holding his chest? You are a very sweet person and I am glad I met you. I would like to stay in touch with you but I do not want you do to readings for me for free. If I ask for a reading I would appreciate you allowing me to pay you just like anyone else would.

Besides the reading I would like to keep in touch with you because you are very interesting and if I can ever help you please let me know. I really appreciated our time together, thank you for everything. I hope you have a great stay here in FL and maybe one day you will decide to move down here.

If you do not mind I would love to call you sometime this weekend or week to talk more about the information you have given me. Just tell me when the best time to talk is and I will call. Thank you for everything you gave to me last night and I truly hope to stay in touch with you.

Vinny – Boca Raton, FL

You do not have to remind me who you are, I will never forget you and hopefully I will remain a friend of yours for life. You are a very sweet person and I am so very happy I have met you. You have brought a certain level of peace to my life and for that I can not thank you enough.

I hope all is well and again I thank you for your friendship. You are a special woman and I am so glad I met you when I did.

Thanks and Happy Holidays.

Abbey – PA

Hi Gail,
Attended your dinner on Friday and it was one of the most impressive and enlightening evenings I have spent in a long time. I would like to set up an appointment for a reading. Please let me know when you are available. Many thanks and God bless you for your wonderful gifts.

Kathleen Botticelli – Toms River, NJ

Dear Sue,
I can't thank you enough. I had such a wonderful time at the dinner with Gail Lionetti. She was terrific. I want to schedule a private reading with her. The room you had it in was perfect. The food was great and mostly everyone was friendly. I cam alone and the people at my table were great.

Thanks again for the great time.

Steve – Long Branch, NJ

Hello Gail,
I just wanted to say that your show was great!….and to thank you for sooo much for helping me heal. I very much appreciated the Reiki sessions and the support of lolove that you and your friends showed towards me…It was a great experience for my friend Roseanna, as she wasn't quite sure what to expect, but that it was definitely more than she expected….She did say she would lreally like to see you on a one to one basis, to see if a dearly departed friend is around, and I think also to seek som guidance in another area as well….She got great vibes from you and what you do, as well as the people at our table and the friends that worked on me….She is a healer also, and Is very good and very dedicated at what she does…Pat guave us her phone number and she and Roseanna talked about bartering services….smile…so that's cool…anyway, she wants to pay you for your services if you two meet one on one….

Anyway, let me know…and thanks again!!

Sonia – Hazlet, NJ

Dearest Gail,
I am just sitting here and thanking God for bringing you into my life and for your friendship and love, you will never know how grateful I am for you. You are such a special person, and not just because of your gifts, but inside, in the heart, that's where you reach out and allow me to feel your connection in my life. Sounds strange but I just felt I had to write and let you know that.

Always your friend.

Melissa – Monroe Twp, NJ

Dearest Gail,
Thank you so much for talking with me yesterday. You really lifted my spirits and made me feel like I was going to be okay. Sometimes I just have to remember that God is right beside me no matter how dark or hopeless a day may feel.

Thank you again Gail, I hope someday you can truly understand and really feel the absolute goodness you bring into people's lives merely by offering reassurance.

Cindy – Lakewood, NJ

I attended your show last night at the Eatontown Sheraton and was so thrilled that you saw my father, Tom. I never knew him because he died when I was 6 weeks old in 1950, and it made me so happy to know that he was with me. My mother and I were very close….she never remarried….so I thought she might come through. What a surprise when you spoke of “Tom.”

You may recall that I asked you about the ouija board afterwards. I plan to throw it away as soon as possible based on your reply.

We are all so desperate to contact our loved ones, and you are so genuine and sincere in sharing your gift without any theatrics.

I called for tickets to the Jan. 16 event for me and my family and look forward to seeing you again.

Thank you and God Bless You.

Angelita – Eatontown, NJ

Merry Christmas to you also and a healthy and bountiful new year too.

Can't thank you enough for helping us get thru this year. With all the problems we encountered early in the year, you offered us your comforting words and everything you said were true. Up until this time my husband keeps repeating, Gail is right to the point in everything she told me. He is very busy at work right now and he seem to enjoy what he is doing at present. There is no pressure from Joe Beer. He cannot believe that he met his new bosses, because they are the exact opposite of Joe.

And for myself, I still thank God for all the blessings that comes our way.

Thank you

Ryan – Lawrenceville, NJ

Hi Gail,
Just to share with you that the other night I was in our family room with my brother-in-law watching a movie, when suddenly the distinct scent of lilacs filled the air, unmistakable to me. I inhaled deeply, and asked Paul, sitting next to me, if he smelled any flowers. He said no, oblivious to it.

It didn't last long, but to me it was quite real. You had said I would be smelling lilacs. I don't associate them, per se, with my mother as being a favorite scent of hers, but there it was. What do you make of it?

Michelle – Somerset, NJ

Thank you so much for your time on New Year's eve. That was one of the greatest things I have ever experienced. I did end up staying home that night and meditating with a guy friend of mine and he said he saw his father's face that passed and he winked at him. Mind you he has never meditated before. I wanted to ask you, is there any certain position that is best to mediate. Sitting up, or laying down, or it doesn't matter? When I woke up the next day, I felt lighter it was a good feeling. If you have a chance, can you please e-mail me that thing you wrote on trying to connect with the other side? I am looking at my life in a whole new way and I'm so thankful that I got a chance to meet you. You are such a special person, and I learned so much fro m you spiritually. I got in touch with Steve and warned him about getting into a colored car!! Also last night I was letting my best friend Kori here the tape and as you were talking about the red bird she looked over and saw a fake tree on my mothers doll house with a red cardinal sitting on the branch, I wonder if that was the one. I hope you have a wonderful new year, and I will defiantly get in touch with you for another reading sometime soon. My mother said my dad loved Santana!!! Thank you so much for everything, I hope one day I will be able to help people the same way you do.

Danielle DiTota – Manalapan, NJ

Just wanted to tell you that you were right. I am having a boy! They say the due date is Jan. 31, but I hope the baby comes a little earlier. I sent you an email about letting go. I thought you can send it to anyone who needs a pick me up.

Eric - New Brunswick, NJ


It was a pleasure meeting you as well, like I told you I'm part skeptic, part believer. I'm really more believer than I lead on. I think talking about it to people you don't know leaves the door open for ridicule, being ripped off cause you don't know either way, or being disappointed. Therefore I keep my open mouth feet on both sides of the fence until I'm sure.

The weird thing is I've read a lot about the area of not-easy-to-explain. As a kid I was always fascinated by ghost stories, but never saw one. Part of me wanted to but it would have to be on my terms (at least that's how I'd like to believe) still haven't seen any. I'm the same way about extraterrestrial, know they exist, have always be interested in the subject area and read about them to no end and would like to see one – but on my terms – no crazy abduction scenario. And of course, faith healing – the whole being brought up Baptist seeing it sometimes, but not understanding why it seemed that only the once in a blue moon preachers had the ability to do it.

I got to a point years ago where I was really in balance, where I could sit and meditate and allow energy to flow through me, I could feel the energy in the trees where I live and I acknowledged the life around me (trees, water, the earth, etc). But my whole life wasn't in balance so I had to work different jobs and moved away from my zen palace (my place, as I call it in the woods) and didn't focus on meditation and energy and haven't found my center again to flow like I did back then.

Anyway, I want to thank you for allowing me to connect with my grandmother, I'm trying to sense her talking to me in her voice rather than what sounds like me thinking or just random ideas or thoughts. I know from what you spoke about some of the thoughts may be here talking or guiding me.

I'd definitely would like to meet you again to figure out or find out a more specific direction that I'm suppose to go to move things along. The job I working on in addition to the skateboarding events I'm running are doing good for me for now, but as you said, this in not where I'm really going to (paraphrasing) make it big at (that is the skateboarding events). Not sure if again I'm rushing to find out the answers to the test. But I'm just trying to find out what the test is going to be on.

Thanks again for everything, and I thank your guides as well.

Talk to you soon.

Sonia and Martha (mom) - Hazlet N.J

Last year when my daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer I was so scared,
it was terrifying to hear your child had cancer and an aggressive one at
that. I don't know why I didn't come to see you about her, but we were
talking one day and I told you she had been diagnosed with breast cancer,
your words were, "she will have to go through surgery and chemo, but she
will be fine".

We didn't even know at that time what was going to be done, she was still
going through all the testing to determine what would happen. She ended up
having a total mastectomy and four months of the most gruelling chemo, but
she has now finished her treatments and is slowly regaining her strength and
her hair!!!! Your words were what helped me get through these past few
months, and gave me the strength I needed to be there to help her and her

Last Friday March 11th I brought my 89 year old mother in law (she's more like a mother
than an in law)to your dinner show, and you gave her a wonderful gift. She
has had 2 grandchildren cross over, my daughter at age 10, thirty years ago,
and her grandson, aged 32, who died in a tragic car accident 2 years ago.
What was so unique is that you first asked if anyone knew a David and then
you said it was "John David", we called him that from the time he was born.
You told her that he called her Nana and that she always cooked for him ,
etc etc etc. He also told her to unpack which made us both laugh, she had just that week shown me the clothes she had packed away to be buried in!!!!! He told her she wasn't going to cross over anytime soon, that she still had work to do here. Then you mentioned a blue dress, which we didn't understand that night, but when we got home I remembered that she had worn a blue dress to his wake and funeral, WOW!!!!! My daughter Annette came through and once again it was deeply moving for both of us, as you relayed messages of love and assurance from her to her sister who had cancer.

I didn't mean for this to be so long I just wanted you to know how much I
appreciate and respect your giftedness. May you always walk in the light of
the spirit. With love and blessings.

Jane– Brick, NJ

“You don't know me but I attended your dinner last night and wanted to tell you how wonderful it was. As you can see by my email address I am a strong believer of angels and have a strong belief of God and his miracles. When I was told of this dinner by friends I could not wait to attend and hopefully will be able to attend another of your dinners. As you had mentioned, we "all" have baggage and everyday I try to release what I have encountered through the years. I did not have a one on one with you, but was emotional listening to others loved ones coming through. God Bless you and your blessings you give to others. I'm hoping to have a session with you in the near future.”

Marie Schlichting– East Windsor, NJ

“Hi! My name is Marie, and this is a testimonial as to what happened at Gail's Angels Among Us Dinner. I had a private reading with Gail back in April of 2002. During this reading, my father came through with a message for my mother. He said that the lights in her house will blink on and off to show that he is around her. After my reading, I brought tickets for my mom and I to attend Gail's dinner, in hope that my dad would come through for her. The day of the dinner, the lights in my mother's house began blinking on and off. My mother said to my dad, "I know you're here, and you better come through for me tonight." She also asked him to send her flowers. That night, my dad was the third person to come through. He had a message to my mom, that he loved her, was fine now (he had cancer here on Earth), and for Gail to give a hug to my mom from him. He also said that he would be sending her FLOWERS! They would be yellow roses. The next day, my sister asked her daughter to pick out a Mother's Day card to send to her grandmother. My sister had previously brought several mother's day cards to be sent out to various special women in their lives. My niece picked out a card, and showed it to my sister. There, on the front of the card was a bouquet of yellow roses! My fiance and I took my mom out for breakfast on Mother's Day. This caused her to miss her usual mass that she attends on Sunday morning. Instead, she chose to go to a later mass. At this mass, all of the women received a rose! Gail has brought comfort, and happiness into our lives”

Theresa Woods– Iselin, NJ

“Having lost my brother in the World Trade Center, I was searching for something, anything to help relieve my grief. I found it in Gail. I went for a Private reading and was so overwhelmed by the comfort it brought me that I had to share it with my family who were also trying to manage their grief. When we learned that Gail was hosting an evening, without hesitation I ordered tickets for my sisters and 2 friends who had also suffered a loss - 1 was 5 years ago and the other was only a week prior. What an evening it was. My girlfriend who was suffering the newest loss, got a sign from her deceased mom and incredibly received it 2 days later. It was so very helpful to her. My brother also came through with messages of love and support to my sisters and I, including one of the most incredible experiences I have ever heard. Gail leaned in to my sister Barbara who was very close to my brother Ed with a very private message. My other sister and I had no idea what was being said, but as Gail spoke Barbara began to sob. We immediately assumed that Ed had sent her a message that was not good, perhaps about one of my parents. It turns out it was about Barbara. With precise detail, Ed told Barbara that she must get her left breast checked, that there was something there, but it would be ok within 6 months. The incredible fact and what made Barbara sob was that she had just that week, found a lump - in her left breast - and had scheduled a mammography! As her appointment was not for another month, we urged her to reschedule for earlier. She has seen a doctor who confirmed that there was indeed something there, followed by a mammography which also shows something. We are awaiting the final results of the sonogram which was ordered after the mammography. the immediate results indicate that it is not something to be concerned about, but we really aren't as we know that we have a guardian angel watching out for us. You see, my brother died a hero at the WTC, he died because he stayed in those buildings to save others lives, not because he had to. Yes, he was a hero on 9/11, but we knew that long before 9/11.

Thanks Gail, I treasure the time that I get to spend in your presence, as I feel Ed come through loud and clear.”

Kim Graber– Palm, PA

“My first encounter with Gail was somewhat remarkable. I had been out "on the road" working for my company. I was away from my family for almost 2 1/2 months with the exception of Sundays. This was not my first time away from home, but, none the less, it was not easy being away. Several years ago, my son had been sick for over a year before doctors could diagnosis the problem. After they did, he had surgery then had complications from surgery. Years later, we have found that he continues to have medical issues. Nothing life threatening, but it's always something. Even though he was medically stable when I went out on the road, I still worried while I was away. Now, being the "STRONG" person I am, I didn't share the burdens I carry. During a casual conversation with Gail, she mentioned that she had contact with those who had passed on. No knowing whether or not I REALLY believed in such abilities, I said, oh-we'll have to get together sometime. I had always had a fascination for them, but not really sure it could be done. I was actually thinking of a past boyfriend who had committed suicide. As Gail was ready to walk one way and I the other, she stopped, turned to me and said "It's a grandmother". Instantly, my heart starting racing. She said "your mother's mother". She was right, I shared a very special relationship with my grandmother. I have had an empty place inside me since she died. I dream about her quite often. At least I thought they were dreams. Gail told me that she feels and expresses what the spirits feel. Gail told me that "gram" said it would ok-I was worried about my son and he will be ok! Tears began to sting my eyes as did Gail's. Gram (Gail) had to give me a hug. As she hugged me, my head began to spin. I remember thinking how could Gail possibly know my fears about my son's health, how could she know how much I missed gram? The answer was obvious, Gail didn't-Gram was speaking through her. I spent the rest of the day with my head in a whirlwind. I was actually physically shaking for awhile. Before parting, Gail & I set up a time that was appropriate to talk. When we met again, it was just the 2 of us in a quiet room. We started talking about the work Gail does with the police, which I find amazing. Sure enough gram paid a visit. I had carried a lot of guilt about gram's death. Now, after my experience through Gail, not only am I able to let go of that guilt, I am able to feel myself when gram pays me a visit. Through the years since gram's death I noticed that I would dream about her when I was troubled or just really "stressed out". I couldn't help but think that it was Gram's way of saying everything would be ok. I no longer wonder if Gram is telling me things would be ok, now I wonder, are they really dreams??????

One final note.... About a month after meeting with Gail, I decided to have my tarot cards read. The FIRST thing I was told is that I have a spirit of someone close to me around me all the time. There is no doubt in my mind that gram is with me!!!!!!!!”

Marybeth Finnigan– Jackson, NJ

“Gail, I had to write you to tell you after speaking to Rich. I relayed to him the sign to look for from his mom, the blue balloon. Well he was speechless, yesterday, his company was having the kick-off party for 2002 and they hung balloons all over the office and outside Rich's office was two blue balloons. And also the name Mike as someone he worked with, he initially told me no and tonight as he was telling me about his day, he said in a meeting today, his counterpart in England who is named Mike, things are not going so well with him heading up stuff over there and Rich may have to pick up the work. Rich said he completely forgot about him when I initially asked him but when he was talking about Mike tonight, it dawned on us at the same time.”

Sheila Foti– Palm Coast, FL

“I just wanted to take this time to thank you for just being you. Since you have come into my life there have been changes that have taken effect. I see life differently and have acquired a calmness and strength to cope with most of the obstacles that are set forth for us. Your words and guidance have shown me that the Lord is there to teach us, to test us, and to guide us through our everyday. We may not always feel he is with us but he is always there along with our loved ones that have crossed over. Your presence in my life, I feel, has certainly made me a better person. I still at times feel anger and hate but with your guidance have learned to try and let these feelings go with time.

Gail, I am so proud to be a part of your life and feel very privileged to be a part of yours. You have not only helped me with your words but I know you have comforted and helped to guide many people in the world. You have been sent back from God for such an important task and from what I can tell you are trying so hard to please him. We are not always the person we should be, but you have succeeded in trying to do whatever is necessary to carry out your purpose on this earth. You exude such strength, warmth and knowledge of what a person needs to know about their own life and the lives of their loved ones. Gail, you are a very special person with a very special gift and that is something that should always be treasured and cherished. I know I do.

I thank God for allowing me the opportunity to meet you and include you into my life. Since I have met you, I can honestly say that now when I pray, I know the Lord is listening to me. I feel his presence and know he has answered my prayers. I thank you Gail for this. I have always felt everyone was put on this earth for a purpose and when our task was complete, the Lord would take us with him. I haven't learned what my purpose is yet but I am sure one day I will. You have been given the opportunity to know what is expected of you and you are diligently pursuing that goal. You will be rewarded greatly as you have touched many lives and succeeded in changing what is in people's hearts and soul.

I can only hope you will continue to be a part of my life as I feel rewarded by this honor. I know you will continue to accomplish all the goodness that you have spread and continue to help people in any way that you can. Your heart is filled with a lot of love and compassion and I can't every imagine you any other way. I hope you can feel the love and respect that I and other people have for you.

God Bless You, Shiela”

Susan Nash– New York

“I am writing this so that everyone knows just a tiny bit about your gift. We met at an association meeting where you were a guest speaker about Physic Investigations and I immediately knew you are a genuine person. I met a person at a business convention who asked me for help in locating two little girls that had been abducted by the mother. I told this individual that I had no prior experience locating missing children and that I wouldn't even know where to begin. He pleaded with me to look at the case and see if there was any way that I could help him, because they were at a dead end and didn't know where to turn. They already had the FBI, federal marshal and local and state police helping them to no avail.

They sent me the case and after my research, I knew in my heart I would not be able to help. I contacted Gail and explained the situation and asked her if there was anything she could suggest or do for them. She asked me to send her a picture of the girls. After looking at the pictures, she said the girls were fine and would be home in March. This was before Christmas. I called them up and reported what Gail had predicted. They said Thank You and asked what the charge would be and of course Gail would never take money for something like that, so I told them there was no charge. But to please call me when the children are back.

On March 7 I get a call from the father's secretary telling me that the girls would be home tomorrow. The father had flown to London to pick them up and bring them home. The mother had been arrested for passing a bad check and the police became suspicious and put her in jail for the night. The next day the father brought them home.

This was my first experience with Gail and the only one I will share in this medium. Her powers are truly a gift from God!”

Colleen Lenahan– Forest Hill, MD

“We had a great time at your "Angels Among Us' show on Friday! I met with 6 friends from High School and it was a great chance for us to share some 'sisterhood'! You did a reading for our friend, Laura (her grandfather, Marion, came through and said that she needed to kick her current boyfriend 'to the curb'. We had been telling her that for over a year! :-) Thanks for the reinforcement! I just wanted to thank you for sharing your gift.”

Melissa Berlingieri– Monroe TWP., NJ

“A few months ago, during a session with Gail, we were able to contact my grandfather. During that session, I was told that I was going to lose a piece of jewelry, and not to worry. If I could not find it, I was to call Gail to reconnect with my grandfather to find out where the jewelry was.

A few days ago I lost a very important pin. This was a flag pin given to me from my grandmother from WWII. I had no idea where it was. I had been to work and walked around the mall all evening by the time I realized it was gone. The next day, I went to work to look as my mom went to the mall. On the way there she said she was saying to herself "come on Dad, help us out". She was on her hands and knees looking on the floor where I had been trying on sweaters, in the dressing room, to the lost and found etc. The sales people were giving her a hard time on top of it, saying that if it was there it would have been vacuumed up.

After giving our names and numbers to the lost and found, she tried one more time upstairs. She went to the place where she had been 15 minutes earlier, on her hands and knees, and there was my pin laying in the middle of the aisle.

Thank you Gail!”

Sonia Brakowski– Hazlet, NJ

“I first want to thank you for being obedient to the call of God in your life, and to tell you that I have shared my visit with you with a lot ofpeople today who find it amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am still laughing with delight at the daisies my husband brought home yesterday, especially as oneof the messages you gave was that my sister June would let me know she was around when I saw daisies, never expecting to see them that very night. I ame-mailing my brother in law in England with the message from my other sister,Carole, will let you know if he makes any response. I have listened to the tape at least 4 times and also my mother in law has listened to it and was deeply touched to hear her mothers messages for her, she never knew her biological mother in this lifetime so it was a deeply moving moment for her. Please remember me in your prayers as I will you. Thank you again!!!!!”

Robert Prongay– South Plainfield, NJ

“Since I saw you a few weeks ago, I must say that my outlook on life has drastically improved, and I thank you for it every night in my prayers

I appreciate all that you have done for me, and hope that we can talk again.”

Marie Schlichting– East Windsor, NJ

“at your dinner party this spring, my dad, walter came through for my mom. you told her that he was going to be sending her yellow roses, which did come. here is another link to the rose story. my fiance and i have been house hunting for the last 6 months. we have been out-bid, and disapointed on every house that we liked. last week we found another house that we really liked. at first we looked at the back of the house, and the yard. then we walked up to the front door, and in front of the house is a large, yellow rosebush!!! well, our offer on the house has been aceepted! and, it's a ranch as you predicted it would be in my individual reading in april. how about that???!!!! so, if walter pops in, please remind him that we're getting married on october 20th (his anniversary to my mom too), and that i am expecting a sign that he is there! :)

thanks! you're the best”

Ann Ferguson– Clark, NJ

Reply from Gail:

“I feel if you are not pregnant now you soon will be this month or next, Don't get me wrong I am getting mixed signals. You will be pregnant, and what makes you think you are now? You should be able to take that test they have on the market, it should show now if you think you are. I see the sex so the baby is coming soonm if not keep me posted... take that test by the beginning of next week if not this weekend. Let me know. Always -Gail”


“I just wanted to let you know that this morning I found out I am pregnant.We used an ovulation test and that worked.Will everything be fine with the pregnancy?Hope all is going well with you and for you.”

Sharon Tillman– Navesink, NJ

“Today at the reading you asked if I had ever seen a yellow butterfly and I replied that I had not. A few minutes ago I received a beautiful message from my friend, Joan, and when I opened it - there was a butterfly at the top - not yellow - but still a butterfly. Also, my friend Aggie asked me why I kept referring to you as Linda and I realized that I had called you by the wrong name today too. You did not correct me, but asked a couple of times if I new a Linda (who I believe was one of your relatives). Don't know what it means, but it's interesting all the same. I do know that I feel as though I have had a great weight of heart and mind lifted from me and for that I am grateful. When I saw the butterfly, I knew....”

Dorothy– Keansburg, NJ

“Dearest Gail,

just came home from your reading. I want to say " Thank You " for answering the question for me about my mom's ring, it really meant allot to me. You are one amazing women and I am very happy to have the pleasure of meeting you. The work you do is so fantastic. May God alway's be with you and the Angels surround you. I hope you can please put me on your waiting list for a private reading. Thank you again for taking the time to answer the question for me knowing how very tired and drained you were you still took the time for are so very , very special....

God Bless,

Judy– Old Bridge, NJ

“Hello Gail,

I wanted to send you a quick note, to let you know, there has been an arrest in my sons' murder. I spoke to the detective, about a week after I saw you and he told me that the 2 main characters involved had been arrested, on the morning of the day I saw you. You told me at that time, that you were seeing at least one behind bars. Well you were right.
I want to say "ThankYou" so very much for the time you spent with me, that evening. I know you are very busy. You are a genuinely caring lady. I would like to keep in touch with you . I will call for an appointment one day soon.

Yours truly,

Judy Citranglo ”

Peter– Staten Island, NY

“Hi Gail.

Just wanted to let you know that the WIN4 in New York last night was 0317. Unfortunately I played 317 (as my grandfather had told me). 317 has been close to coming out (box) a couple of times . But no luck as of yet. I will continue to play up to the 1 month like you told me.


Peter ”

Renee– Point Pleasant, NJ


thank so much for our meeting on monday, october 21. i think you remember me but here's a few reminders, very short salt and pepper hair, my son ray was a very old soul who was a sea capitan in a past life (blue, blue eyes), marie and annie, the snoop sisters..i was so happy when i left you, it felt like i was with all the people i love again. and my mother i was so happy to hear from her. i think of her every day. thank you for that. i want to keep the lines of communication open between us, i need to talk to you from time to time. and i want to learn more about the spirts, meditation, and your spiritual outreach group. i hope you don't mind. please write to me when you can...


ps. the snoop sisters were playing with my lights!! ”

Donna Black– Greer, South Carolina


I just wanted to share with you what has happened since I saw you in May. When we spoke, you mentioned someone by the name of Jeff. At the time I could only think of my ex-boyfriend's brother-inlaw, or a mutual friend of ours. Little did I know that in June I would start dating a man named Jeff from school. I will be marrying him in March. I know that my father played a roll in this because of the traits and hobbies that Jeff has. It is wonderful!!! I never imagined that life could be so wonderful. We are extremely happy, with soooooo much happening in our lives...To refresh your memory, My mom and I both visited with you in May, and we talked about my sister Jamie who has not spoken with the family in a long time. I hope that all is well with you, and I would love to visit with you when I am up that way again

Thank you,


Linda Hassa– Brick, NJ

“ When my daughter Debbie (Jersey City school teacher) saw you on April 1st, my mother told her whenever she saw a cardinal she was thinking of her. And when she heard the song "Wind Beneath My Wings," she was thinking of her and with her. When I saw you on June 19th, my mother also mentioned the cardinal to me. On October 31st, when I was at my kitchen window looking outside, I saw a cardinal looking right at me, almost like a human would look at another human. When I got to work the postage machine was misdated October 11, the day my mother died. That night I had a Mass said for her (Nov. 1st being a holy day of obligation and this was the evening before Mass). Debbie and I went. After the homily the priest did something I have NEVER seen a priest do before. He sat down with his guitar and sang a song. And you know which one it was! We were beside ourselves. And the next day, the lottery number my mother suggested I play and to give it at least a month...well I never gave up and it did come out on Nov. 1st!

Thanks so much, and I hope you don't become so busy you will curtail your readings with us little folks!!